ensemble nuisette Toulouse


Adopt our Toulouse set, from our travel collection, it will transport you to a world of softness and comfort as soon as you have it in your hands.
Opt for the two pieces of this set is to offer you the pleasure of walking home in a comfortable and sexy outfit without feeling naked.
Its nightie made entirely of purple silk satin, with its bare back, will allow you absolute comfort, even at night. There's no risk of getting wrapped in your straps when you wake up.
Her panties on the back entirely of calais lace will give you beauty and well-being with a butterfly flight that will highlight the natural curve of your buttocks.
The small detail is the butterflies embroidered at the bottom left of the nightie, enhanced with crystals of pale pink swarovski.
Crack now before it's too late.

All of our fabrics are in limited quantities.

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