A Festival of colors in the shape of parrots embroideries of this bra slightly cleavage for a perfect round of breasts.
Back in Orange tulle or black tulle, ask us for your favorite color.
In silk taffeta embroidered with floral motifs and parrots.
Two-ply transparent tulle back.
0.7 mm comfort foam for better breast retention.
Adjustable straps.

* * Back available in black or orange * *

You will also find in the Rio collection:

-a transparent tulle Shorty on the back and embroidered taffeta on the front.
-a thong in transparent Tulle on the back and embroidered taffeta on the front both assorted.

Available sizes:

85A 90A 95A 100A
85B 90B 95B 100B
85C 90C 95C 100C
85D 90D 95D 100D
85TH 90TH 95TH

Ask us for your size.

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